Fake 50 Dollar Bills For Sale


Fake 50 Dollar Bills For Sale

In the advent of top quality counterfeit money for sale, lies fake 50 dollar bills for Sale. These fake 50 dollars for sale come in top quality and all are grade A certified. With real money look and feel, you can never go wrong with these counterfeit 50 dollar bills for sale/

Our experience and longevity in the production of top quality counterfeit banknotes for sale, which permits you to buy fake 50 dollar notes from us with no stress.

Furthermore, you can buy fake 50 dollar bills for sale which are based on the updated 50 dollar bills, which came into circulation from 2017. However, before looking at the details and qualities of the fake 100 dollar bills, first a little overview about the 50 dollar bill these counterfeits are based on.


A Brief Overview Of The $50 Bill

The United States fifty dollar bill is a denomination of United States currency. Ulysses S. Grant is currently featured on the obverse, while the US Capitol is featured on the reverse. All current-issue $50 bills are Federal Reserve Notes.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing says the average life of a $50 bill in circulation is 55 months before it is replaced due to wear. Approximately 3.8% of all notes printed in 2017 were 50 dollar bills. They are delivered by Federal Reserve Banks in brown straps.

The redesigned US fifty dollar ($50) bill incorporates two easy to use security features, subtle shades of blue and red, and historical symbols of freedom.

We print these counterfeit 50 dollar bills for sale, based on the exact same directions, guides and procedures of the real dollar bills so as to make them a 1:1 replica.


Security Features On The Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills For Sale

By producing these fake 50 dollars for sale in full conformity with the real $50 bills while leveraging the non stopping advanced technology, we are able to replicate the security features 1:1 as found on the real bills. These security features include the following:

1.) Color-Shifting Ink
Color-Shifting Ink 50 US dollar bill

When you tilt the fake 50 dollar bill, the numeral 50 in the lower right corner on the front of the bill changes colors from copper to green.

2.) Watermarks

Watermark 50 us dollar bill

The watermark is part of the paper itself and can be seen from both sides of the note, when held to the light.

3.) Security Thread
Security Thread fifty us dollar note

The security thread is embedded in the paper and runs vertically up one side of the bill. If you look closely, the words USA 50 and a small flag are visible along the thread from both sides of the bill. The security thread glows yellow when illuminated by ultraviolet light.


Additional Design and security features of the 50 fake notes

The fake 50 dollars for sale are based on the redesigned 50 dollar bill, which remains the same size and uses the same, but enhanced portraits and historical images as the older-design bills. These include;

Symbols of Freedom
Symbols of Freedom $50 note

Symbols of freedom have been added to the design on the front of the fake 50 dollar bills for sale to represent images of the American flag. The traditional stars and stripes of the United States flag are printed in blue and red behind the portrait of President Grant.

A field of blue stars is located to the left of the portrait, while three red stripes are located to the right of the portrait. A small metallic silver-blue star is located on the lower right side of the portrait. The symbols of freedom differ for each denomination

The most noticeable difference in the redesigned $50 note is the addition of subtle background colors of blue and red to both sides of the bill. The background colors add complexity to the bills and differ with each denomination to help distinguish them.

Updated Portrait and Vignette
$50 note Portrait and Vignette

The oval borders and fine lines surrounding the portrait of President Grant on the front and the vignette of the United States Capitol Building on the back have been removed. The portrait has been moved up and shoulders have been extended into the border. Additional engraving details have been added to the vignette background.

Low-Vision Feature
Low-Vision Feature fifty us dollar note

The numeral 50 in the lower right corner on the back of the bill is enlarged to help those with visual impairments distinguish the denomination.


Microprinting $50 note

The fake 50 dollar bill features microprinting on the front of the note in three areas: the words FIFTY, USA, and the numeral 50 can be found in two of the blue stars to the left of the portrait;

the word FIFTY can be found repeated within both side borders of the bill; and the words THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA appear on President Ulysses S. Grant’s collar, under his beard.

Federal Reserve Indicators
Federal Reserve Indicators fifty us dollar note

A universal seal to the left of the portrait represents the entire Federal Reserve System. A letter and number beneath the left serial number identifies the issuing Federal Reserve Bank. There are 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks and 24 branches located in major cities throughout the United States.

Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers 50 us dollar note

All bills come with different serial numbers by default. The unique combination of eleven numbers and letters appears twice on the front of the note.

The presence of the above features makes the fake 50 dollar bills for sale 100% undetectable as they pass all the uv tests and pen tests as well has posses an excellent real money look and feel.

This thus, makes them fit to be used in the same places as real money would like shopping, paying of bills, paying of cabs, paying of taxes, paying of tv bills, in stores etc.

More Info About The Fake 50 Dollars For sale,

Before you buy fake 50 dollar notes, you need to note the following info about the fake 50 dollars for sale:

  • In the first place, printing and colors are much much better than the fake 50 dollar bills for sale before. Its 1:1, almost exact colors, HD printing.
  • In like manner, paper is the same as before. These are the rag papers (which are the same papers with the mixture of cotton and cellulose). For a good feeling we advice all our clients how to to test them before they buy fake 50 dollar notes.
  • In the same fashion, size/cutting is better then before. Exactly 1:1 on these fake 50 dollar notes for sale
  • Also present on these fake 50 dollars for sale are Watermarks which you can see under the UV lights.
  • Equally important are the Holograms which you can see as well under the UV lights.
  • Buy fake 50 dollar notes which pass the pen test no hairspray needed.
  • For a good feeling you can wrinkle the bills a little or put them in your jeans pocket one day to make it feel used a bit. We also have sprays that make the feeling more crispy like the real bills.
  • These fake 50 dollars for sale are good for fast exchange like festivals, bars, shops, taxis, markets etc.
  • Different serials by default
  • We have always stock +100000 bills, we are a stabile partner and can always deliver.

fake 50 dollar bills for sale


Buy Fake 50 dollar Notes: Price quote

Our minimum order for these bills is $5000 which goes for $500. As for the prices, we normally charge 10% of the amount you want to buy, making our price list to look as such:



For first time buyers, we do offer special discounts. The discounts are as such:

A.) Regular discounts:

1.) $8000 for $700

2.) $9000 for $750

3.) $10000 for $800

B.) Retail discounts:

1.) $20000 for $1000

2.) $30000 for $1500

3.) $40000 for $2000

C.) Bulk Discounts

1.) $100000 for $5000

2.) $200000 for $5500

3.) $300000 for $6000

At Dinfalso, we take great care of our customers, not only prioritizing them but making sure they are very satisfied both before and after they do business with us.

Hence why to you our future customers, these numerous first time buyer’s discount so you can enjoy the blossoms of our bespoke services and the quality of our undetectable fake money for sale.

How To buy fake 50 dollar bills

To buy fake 50 dollar bills, is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps below and then get back to us. Here are the procedures to follow if you want to place an order or buy fake dollar bills:

  • First you get back to us with how much you want and also the denominations (clients have the privilege to customize their orders to suit their taste).
  • Also specify your shipping option, (whether it is express or normal shipping). Where the shipping option isn’t specified, the default normal shipping option is used.
  • Second you proceed with the payments using bitcoins or any of our alternatives (pls check with us for the available alternatives).
  • After payments you then get back to us with either a screenshot or photo of the receipt alongside your shipment details.
  • We shall then approve and confirm your order and register it for due shipment and we follow up from there.
  • Tracking code will then be given once shipped.

To buy counterfeit 50 dollar bills, you can place your order through;

WhatsApp: +1(310) 894-6704


Telegram: dinfalso


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