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Buy Swiss Drivers License Online, if you’re looking to learn to drive, you must acquire a temporary Switzerland driving license and pass a theory and a test on the road. Drivers who are newly certified are issued a Swiss driver’s license for probationary use. They can obtain their permanent license to drive in Switzerland at the conclusion of their probation period, and when they have passed several additional required training courses.

There are several types of swiss driver’s licenses for sale for various types of vehicles. You may also get an international license to allow driving internationally. The provisional or permanent license can be suspended in the event of an offense in traffic. We are able to protect you from the time, stress, and money involved in going follow the above procedure of having a SWISS DRIVER’S LICENSE and purchasing a SWISS DRIVERS license online

Drink Driving:

The learner driver and the driver with whom they are sharing the vehicle are allowed to drive while intoxicated by alcohol (more than 0.05 mg/l of breath alcohol concentration or greater than equal to 0.1 percent blood alcohol concentration).

Vehicle Equipment:

An ‘L’-shaped plate (white writing on blue background) is required to be placed in a prominent spot on the back of the vehicle whenever practicing driving. It should be taken off at different times.


Only vehicles that are covered under third-party liability insurance can be driven.

Transporting People:

It is generally permitted to transport passengers, however, restrictions are in place for certain categories of vehicles.

Accompanied Driving Practices Around:

Provisional driving licenses can be used in Switzerland however, they are not valid for travel abroad. It is therefore recommended to inquire about the requirements with the diplomatic representative and/or customs offices.

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Driver's License:

700, 1500, 3000


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