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An International Driving Permit (also known as International Driving Licence) is a document containing official translation of your national driving licence. It is issued through worldwide network of AIT/FIA organisations, duly authorized by their governments to issue IDPs. Most countries require visitors to have an IDP if they want to drive outside of their home country. Having an IDP means you are able to drive in foreign countries without the need for further tests or applications. In order to obtain an IDP, you must apply before you travel in the same country that issued you a national driving license. IDP is an addition, not a replacement of your national driving licence. In order to drive abroad, you must carry your IDP along with your national driving license at all times.

Anyone who wishes to enjoy driving in a foreign country as long they have a driving permit should think about applying for the international driving permit (IDP) that allows motorists in foreign countries to drive without having to obtain local driver’s license ( recognized in over 150 countries worldwide). Carried in conjunction with a National / Domestic driver’s license, the IDP can help break down language barriers when traveling in across countries.



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